Welcome to our recipe page where we have processing information on many different photoresists and devices. Learn about each particular photoresists and how to make nano- and micro-scale devices. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us and let us know!

Photoresists   Device Processes
PositiveNegativeElectrom Beam LithographyOtherGeneral
SPR 220-7
(P | D)
KMPR 1005
PMMA 950k in Anisole
(P | D | MSDS)
(P | D)
PDMS Molding
(P | D)
Shipley 1813
 LOL2000/PMMA Bilayer Process
(P | D | MSDS)
SPR 955 CM0.7
KMPR 65 and 100
 Centimeter to Nanometer (P)  

P: Process
D: Datasheet
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet

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