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Research Group, Alumni and Family Celebration on June 9th 2018 in Danville CA

Gates with Prof. Flytzani-Stephanopoulos near Tufts University


Yoram Cohen and Gates at UCLA


Gates Alumni & Group
NAM Denver Lunch

Back (from left to right): Junming Sun, Dong Yang, Pedro Serna, Kerry Dooley, Joey Kistler, Louise Debefve, Simon Bare, Andrew Palermo, Adam Hoffman, Jutta Gates, Jing Lu, Isao Ogino, Javier Guzman

Front (from lelft to right): Feng-Shou Xiao, Gustavo Fuentes, Dan Fraenkel, Ann Liang, Friederike Jentoft, Bruce C. Gates, Jatuporn Wittayakun, Kongkiat Suriye

Banquet dinner guests at NAM Denver meeting

From left to right: Alper Uzun, Isao Ogino, Pedro Serna, Bruce C. Gates, Simon Bare, Feng-Shou Xiao, Poul Lengvig, Alex Katz, C. Y. Chen



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