Research Overview

Research in our group is focused on measuring intermolecular and intersurface forces in complex fluid systems with an emphasis on polymers, polyelectrolytes, biomembranes, and biomimetic materials in order to develop new materials with useful properties. These materials are being studied since they can be prepared from renewable resources, can be biocompatible and biodegradable, and often possess excellent physical properties.

We utilize modern principles and techniques of surface chemistry, physics, and biology as the means to achieve our goal of producing materials with superior properties for biomedical and engineering applications.


Focus Areas

Click on the links below to learn more about our work regarding:

Neutron / X-ray Scattering in Thin Layers at Interfaces

Nanoassembly and Smart Films

Ligand-Receptor Interactions and Cellular Adhesion

Lipid Phase Behavior

Membrane Fusion

Integral Membrane Proteins and Nanolipoprotein Particles

Characterizing Ultra-Thin Films and Confined Fluids 

Zeta Potential of Vesicles

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