Marjorie Longo, Contact and Bio


Marjorie L. Longo
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of California, Davis
(530) 848-9340


B.A. in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology
University of California, Santa Barbara, September 1983 – June 1988

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara
September 1988 – June 1993
Dissertation:  Microstructure of Synthetic Lung Surfactants
Advisor: Professor Joseph Zasadzinski

Postdoctoral Associate Position, Cornell University, School of Chemical Engineering, June 1993 to August 1996
Research in:  Membrane Mechanics of Viral Infection and Biomembrane Materials
Advisor: Professor Daniel Hammer


Graduated with Honors and Distinction in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology, 1988
University of California President’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 1987
Patricia Robert Harris Fellowship, 1988-1991
University of California President’s Dissertation Year Fellowship, 1992-1993
National Institutes of Health NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1994-1996
NSF Career Award, 1998-2002
Joe and Essie Smith Endowed Professor of Chemical Engineering, U C Davis, 2001-2006
Chancellor’s Fellow, 2003-2008
2009 Engineering Dean’s Outstanding Midcareer Research Award
2015 Nationally Elected Membrane Structure and Assembly Subgroup Chair of the Biophysical Society

Current Funding

NSF DMR Biomaterials Research Grant
ACS Petroleum Research Fund (PRF)

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