Palazoglu Research Lab at UC Davis encompasses a number of activities in modeling, control and analysis of complex systems.


Renewable energy resources such as solar and wind have emerged as cheap and environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional fossil-fuels. These resources are intermittent and their integration into the power grid presents many challenges. We study optimal dispatch of such resources as part of the daily power supply and also explore demand response from the consumer perspective where residential as well as industrial consumers adjust their load behavior to take advantage of favorable electricity pricing.

As society transitions into the information age, the capability to electronically collect, store, organize and manipulate large amounts of data becomes commonplace. The formidable challenge of obtaining useful information via meaningful analysis of such voluminous data sets, however, imposes severe limitations on improving the general understanding of phenomena studied under many disciplines of science and engineering. We study data-based fault detection and diagnosis methodologies for early recognition of process failures. Our studies also include meteorological and climatic influences on air pollution where we focus on day-ahead forecasting of ozone and particulate matter levels using statistical models.

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