Group Members

Prof. Sabyasachi Sen

Educational Background
B.S. University of Calcutta, 1987
M.S. University of Calcutta, 1989
M.S. University of Houston, 1991
Ph.D. Stanford University, 1995

Contact Information
530 752 3789
2017 Kemper Hall

Current PhD Students

Bing Yuan

Research area: Topological effect on the dynamic shear relaxation in chalcogenide glass-forming liquids

Yiqing Xia

Research Area: Dynamic rigidity percolation in the shear relaxation of glass-forming liquids

Current MS Students

Ruchira Vajapeyajula


Research area: Rheology of borate glass-forming liquids


Past Graduate Students

Weidi Zhu


Research area: Rheology of chalcogenide glass-forming liquids

Current Position:Materials Engineer, Apple Inc.

Maxwell Marple, PhD


Research Area: Structure and dynamics of fast ion-conducting chalcogenide glasses

Current Position:Post-Doctoral Fellow, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Scarlett J. Widgeon, PhD

Scarlett Widgeon

PhD Thesis: Structure of amorphous polymer derived ceramics in the systems Si-C-O, Si-C-N and Si-B-C-N at short- and intermediate- length scales
Current Position: Research Scientist, Los Alamos National Lab

Trenton G. Edwards, PhD

Trenton Edwards
PhD Thesis: Structural mechanism of phase change process in Ge-Sb-Te phase change alloys
Current Position: R&D Engineer, Intel Corporation, Oregon

Alvin Mao, PhD

Alvin Mao
PhD Thesis: Structure-property relationships in modified network chalcogenide glasses.
Current Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Sacramento City College

Derrik Kaseman, PhD

Derrick Kaseman

PhD Thesis: Investigations into the Structure and Dynamics of Chalcogenide Glasses using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.
Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Lab

Shannon Jurca

MS Thesis: Structural relaxation mechanisms in window and display glasses
Current Position: Manager, Pilkington LLC, Toledo, Ohio

Erica Gjersing, PhD

Erica Gjersing

PhD Thesis: “Structural and dynamical studies of molecular and network forming chalcogenide glasses and supercooled liquids with NMR and Raman spectroscopy”
Current position: Group Leader, Los Alamos National Lab

Pragati Jain, PhD

pragati jain

PhD Thesis: “Investigation of structure and dynamics in solid electrolyte materials and glass forming liquids using high resolution and high temperature nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy”
Current position: Engineer, Intuitive Surgical, Sunnyvale, California

Sezen Soyer, PhD

sezen soyer

PhD Thesis: “Structural characterization of germanium-arsenic-sulfur chalcogenide glasses and understanding structural relaxation in oxide glasses”
Current position: Professor of Chemical Engineering, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey

Takatsugu Endo, PhD

takatsugo endo

Post Doctoral Fellow

Project: Multinuclear NMR study of ionic dynamics in room-temperature ionic liquids
Current position: Professor of Chemistry, Kanazawa University, Kanazawa, Japan

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