Press via Catherine Hess

by Jason Moore Our bicycle dynamics project has gotten some press in the UK through Catherine Hess’s science writing. Catherine Hess, Ron Hess’s daughter, competed in a Welcome Trust science writing competition and got honorable mention. More recently the essay has been published in the Guardian and has been spreading … Continue reading

My talk from DSCC 2012

At DSCC 2012 I decided to go sans slides and just reflect on some of the issues in my field and topics that I think need to grow and change. I think the talk went over well. I at least had some folks show interest in sharing their work more. … Continue reading

Single Track Vehicle Dynamics at DSCC 2012: A Recap

by Jason Moore We hosted two sessions at this year’s ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA with upwards of 20 experts in our small sub field. We had representation from Japan, the USA, the Netherlands, and Italy. This post details some of what went on. … Continue reading

Bowling collision simulation using Blender

by Andrew Kickertz Introduction to using Blender / Bullet to detect and respond to collisions of rough elastic bodies, particularly bowling pins and balls. For the past few months I have been developing a Matlab-based bowling-oriented physics engine for simulating the collisions of balls and pins, as well as the … Continue reading

Identification of the benchmark canonical form

by Jason Moore This is a description of an identification procedure for the bicycle based around the benchmark canonical form. Model structure The identification of the linear dynamics of the bicycle can be formulated with respect to the benchmark canonical form realized in [Meijaard2007]. Mq¨+vC1q˙+[gK0+v2K2]q=T where the time varying states … Continue reading

I need help with conference copyright issues

by Jason Moore I’d like to share my dissertation work at an upcoming conference, but ASME wants the copyright. What do I do about it? I’m wrapping up my dissertation ( and want to present some of the material in it at some upcoming conferences in my field. One that … Continue reading

Improved results on the bicycle identification

by Jason Moore I’ve made some progress on viewing the results of my bicycle model identification. This is a summary of the current state. I’m about to start writing up the results I’ve obtained on identifying a linear bicycle model. As I’ve explored the data, my confidence growing in it … Continue reading