Theses and Dissertations

Ph.D. Students


1999 | McCord , Stephen A. | The Effects of Artificial Mixing on Lake Water Quality

2000 | Warner, John C. | Barotropic and Baroclinic Convergence Zones in Tidal Channels

2001 | Rueda, Francisco J. | A Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Transport Model for Lake Environments

2001 | Fleenor, William E. | Effects and Control of Plunging Inflows on Reservoir Hydrodynamics and Downstream Releases.

2001 | Perez-Losada, Joaquim | A Deterministic Model for Lake Clarity: Application to Management of Lake Tahoe, (California-Nevada), USA

2004 | Palmarsson, Sveinn O. | Boundary Processes and Particle Flux in a Stratified Lake.

2006 | Barad, Michael | An Adaptive Cartesian Grid Projection Method for Environmental Flows

2007 | Chung, Eu Gene. | Modeling Sediment Resuspension Linkages to Nutrient Cycles in a Shallow, Eutrophic Lake: Case Study of the Salton Sea

2008 | Steissberg, Todd E. | Remote Sensing of the Surface Layer Dynamics of a Stratified Lake.

2010 | Andrews, Stephen. | Measurement and Interpretation of Light Scattering by Suspended Particulates in an Oligotrophic Lake

2010 | DiPalermo , Laura | A Three-dimensional Water Quality Model for Estuary Environments

2012 | Nover, Daniel. Fine Particles In Watersheds: Measurement, Watershed Sources, and Technologies For Removal

2015 | Kristin Reardon


MS Plan I (Thesis) Students


1995  Stephen A. McCord | Modeling Iron, Manganese, and Sulfur under Anaerobic Conditions in Freshwater Reservoirs

1996 Lynch, Michelle G. | Seasonal variations in lake mixing : Clear Lake, California

2000 Coker, Jennifer Eileen | Optical Water Quality of Lake Tahoe

2000 Pálmarsson, Sveinn Ó. | Littoral Water Currents in a Shallow Lake.

2000 Thompson, Kelley L. | Winter Mixing Dynamics and Deep Mixing in Lake Tahoe

2000 Penaska, Lisa. | GPS-Tracked Drogues for Use in Coastal and Lake Studies

2000 Oton, Sonia M. | Estimate the Acid Mine Drainage from the Sulfur Bank Mercury Mine (CA) using Tracer Experiments.

2000 Wilbur, Ryan J. | Particle Tracking Model Validation.

2001 Thomas, Jessica L. | Predicting Meander dynamics of the Sacramento River

2001 Blake, Stephen H. | An Unsteady Hydraulic Surface Water Model of the Lower Cosumnes River, California for the Investigation of Floodplain Dynamics

2002 Bowersox, Randall | Design of a Destratification System to Control Algae in a Tidal Channel   

2003 Hammersmark, Christopher | Hydrodynamic Modeling and GIS Analysis of the Habitat Potential and Flood Control Benefits of the Restoration of a Leveed Delta Island

2003  Heald, Scott | Modeling MTBE and BTEX in lakes and reservoirs used for recreational boating

2004  Sunman, Banu (Chemical Engineering) | Spatial and temporal distribution of particle concentration and composition in Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada

2005 Terpstra, Rachel | Presence and characterization of biotic particles and limnetic aggregates in Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada

2005  Steissberg, Todd | Characterizing upwelling and surface circulation at Lake Tahoe using thermal infrared imagery

2005  Rabidoux, Alexander | Spatial and temporal distribution of fine particle and elemental concentrations in suspended sediments in Lake Tahoe streams, California-Nevada

2005  Moughamian, Raffi | “Water Quality Modeling and Monitoring in the California North Delta Area”

2006  David Jassby | Modeling, Measurement and Microscopy Characterizing the Particles of Lake Tahoe.

2006  Jehan Fugitt | “Selenium Mass Balance and Modeling in Agricultural Evaporation Basins”

2006  Lee Geuthle | Adoption of Satellite Based Meteorological Data for Improved Water Temperature Modeling

2006  Laura DiPalermo | Primary Productivity and Oxygen Dynamics in a Nutrient Enriched Estuary

2007  Stephen Andrews | Development and Application of a Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Riverine Floodplain Environments”

2008  Simone Sebalo | Compost Toilets as an Alternative to the Honeybucket in a Rural Alaska Native Village

2008  Alexa LaPlante | Exchange Flows Between the Tahoe Keys Embayments and Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada

2011 Matthew Zelin | Characterization Of Fine Sediment In Urban Runnoff In Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada

2011 Bridget Tracy | Carbon Fluxes and Carbon Loading at Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada

2012 Courtney Siu | Fine Particle Deposition on Lake Tahoe.

2013 Adrienne Aiona | Can a Constructed Stormwater Facility Remove Fine Particles From Urban Runoff?

2013 Kristen Fauria | Fine Particle Capture by Synthetic Vegetation in a Laboratory Flume

2014 Paul Stumpner | Controls on Exchange Flow between Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe, CA-NV

Tom Mathis | current

Heather Sprague | current

Derek Roberts | current

Karen Atkins | current


MS Plan II (Project) Students


1995 Platzer, Eva | Interactions of particle settling with stratification in a secondary clarifier

1995 Lacivecic, Zoran | Oxygen transfer in multi-stage reservoir destratification

1997 Gross, William R. | Temporal variations of Temperature in the Sacramento River.

1999 Andreas F. Krause. | Modeling the Flood Hydrology of Wetlands using HEC-HMS

1999 Grinbergs, Stacie E. | A model of copper distribution in San Francisco Bay.

2000 Heiland, Brian G. |  Inflow Temperature Differences between Watersheds in the Sawtooth Valley of south-central Idaho.

2000 Rueda, Francisco J. | Evaluation of RMA10 for Lake Hydrodynamic Studies

2000 Wolfe, Brent. | Assessing the Integration of Watershed Water Quality Modeling with HEC- HMS

2003 Wang, Jeannie. | Strategic Planning and Water Resources at the U.S. AID

2003 Flora, Kevin S. | Potential Geomorphic Impacts of Bank Stabilization Measures along the Sacramento River near the Butte City Bridge on Route 162.

2003 Sogutlugil, Ertugrul | Methods for Improving Mass-consistent Diagnostic Wind  Field Models

2004  Marti-Cardona, Belen | Relationship among Fish Kills, Upwellings and Wind Patterns in the Salton Sea

2004  Krich-Brinton, Airy | An Overview of Salt Contamination and a Comparison of Control, Remediation, and Treatment Options to Preserve Useful Water Quality

2012 Mandy Ott  | The Presence of an Invasive Clam in Lake Tahoe

2012 Pratihba Raju | Attenuation of visible light and UV at Lake Tahoe

2013 Marsha Sukardi | Onsite Wastewater Reuse Treatment System Regulations

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