Acknowledgements and Copyrights


Support for this project was provided by the National Science Foundation through R. W. Boulanger’s Career Award CMS-9502530, Virginia Tech through J. M. Duncan’s University Distinguished Professorship and the Center for Geotechnical Practice and Research, the PEER Center, and the UC Davis Teaching Resources Center.

Sam Shiotani assisted with the first draft of the web page. Michael White & Youngjin Park assisted with revisions.

Some of the photographs in our collection were contributed by friends & colleagues, including:
Dr. Leslie F. Harder, Jr.
Dr. I. M. Idriss
Dr. Bruce L. Kutter
Dr. Lelio H. Mejia
Hayward Baker (thanks to F. Gularte, G. Gorski, & J. Baez
CA Department of Safety of Dams (thanks to Dave Gutierrez, Wallace Lam, & others).

The above support, assistance, and contributions are greatly appreciated.

Copyrights & Permissions

Copyrights for individual photographs belong to their owner (estimated in some cases), as identified by the surname in a lower corner of each photograph. Permission is granted for their nonprofit use in educational presentations and by students. Permission to reproduce individual photographs is granted only for nonprofit educational purposes.

Copyrights for this web site belong to R. W. Boulanger and J. M. Duncan. Reproduction of this web site without our written permission is strictly prohibited.

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