The group in January 2016


Back Row From Left:

Vincent Ustach (PhD student Chemical Engineering)
Dr. Roland Faller (group leader)
Haoyan Sha (PhD student Chemical Engineering)
Cliff McCold (PhD student Materials Science, co-advised with Joshua Hihath)
Yaeir Halfon (undergraduate, co-advised with Joshua Hihath)

Front Row From Left:

Bingxi Li (MS student, Materials Science)
Austen Bernardi (PhD student Chemical Engineering)
Shiva Emami (exchange student from Univ of Tabriz, Iran)
Yihan Huang (PhD student Materials Science)
Shenli Zheng (PhD student Materials Science, co-advised with Pieter Stroeve and Ricardo Castro)
Zheyu Li (undergraduate)

Not in the Picture:
Thomas Harrelson (PhD student Chemical Engineering, co-advised with Adam Moule)

Alumni with current affiliations as far as we know (in order of leaving the group):

Trevor Lango (Undergraduate 2003)
Bryan W. Lee (Undergraduate 2004/2005)
Brian Wong (Undergraduate 2004 – 2006, now at Boehringer Ingelheim)
Jeff Switzer (Undergraduate, jointly with Dr. Palazoglu 2005/2006, now PhD student at Purdue University)
Dan Wallner (Undergraduate, jointly with Dr. Palazoglu 2006)
Dr. Emma Terämä (Guest Student 2004, PhD Physics (Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland, 2007) now at University College, London, UK)
Dr. Masaomi Hatakeyama (Guest Student 2004/2005, PhD JAIST, Kyoto, Japan, 2007, now at University of Zurich Switzerland)
Dr. Qi Sun (PhD Chemical Engineering 2007, PhD student and Postdoc 2002 – 2007, now at Western Digital)
Florence, R. Pon, M.S. (M. S. Materials Science 2007, part time M.S. student 2002 – 2007, now at Intel, Folsom, CA)
Dr. Allison N. Dickey (PhD Chemical Engineering 2008, PhD student 2003 – 2008, now at NC State University)
Dr. Jayeeta Ghosh (PhD Chemical Engineering 2008, PhD student 2003 – 2008, now at Simulations-Plus)
Dr. Sandra V. Bennun-Serrano (PhD Chemical Engineering 2008, co-advised PhD student 2003 – 2008, now at Regeneron)
Wen-Sau Yim (Undergraduate 2005 – 2008, now at Life Technologies)
Dr. Emine Tekin (Guest Student 2007/2008, PhD Physics (METU, Ankara) 2010, now postdoc at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey)
Dr. Chenyue Xing (PhD Chemical Engineering 2009, PhD student 2005 – 2009, now at PAX Labs)
Dr. Petra Träskelin (Postdoc 2007 – 2009)
Dr. David M. Huang (co-advised postdoc with Prof. Moule -2010, now lecturer University of Adelaide, Australia)
Dr. Chonticha Suwanatasophon (Guest Student 2010, PhD University of Vienna Austria 2013, now postdoc at University of Vienna)
Khan Do (Undergraduate jointly with Adam Moule, 2010, now PhD student at Georgia Tech)
Dr. Matthew I. Hoopes (PhD Biophysics 2010, co-advised PhD student 2005 – 2010, now at Aragen Bioscience, Inc.)
Dr. Michael J. Skaug (PhD Materials Science 2011, co-advised PhD student 2005 – 2011, now postdoc at University of Colorado)
Dr. Juan M. Vanegas (PhD Biophysics 2011, co-advised PhD student 2006 – 2011, now at Sandia National Lab, Albuquerque (NM)
Sabrina Kemmerer (exchange student from TU Darmstadt, Germany 2011/2012, MS TU Darmstadt 2012, now graduate student at TU Darmstadt)
Chueh Liu (M. Eng. Materials Science 2012, now PhD student at UC Riverside)
Dr. Ian G. Elliott (PhD Chemial Engineering 2012, co-advised PhD student 2008 – 2012, now at Chevron),
Dr. Beste Bayramoglu (PhD Chemical Engineering 2012, PhD student 2008-2012, now Asst Prof. at Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey),
Yusuke Kawanabe (ME Materials Science 2013, exchange student from Tokyo University of Science 2011/2012, now at Nima Labs)
Dr. Nandhini Sokkalingam (volunteer 2011-2013)
Shouh-Chuang (Joanne) Yang (MS Materials Science 2014)
Dr. Huan Wang (exchange PhD student from 2013/14, now assistant professor at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China)
Holden Ranz (MS Materials Science 2014, Masters Student 2012 – 2014, now at United Technologies)
Dr. David Welch (PhD Materials Science 2015, co-advised with Nigel Browning)
Dr. Joshua D. Deetz (PhD Chemical Engineering 2015, now postdoc at Shanghai Jiaotaong University)
Dr. Nazar Ileri (PhD Chemical Engineering 2010, postdoc 2014-2016, now Asst Prof at Bogazici University, Turkey)
Bingxi Li (MS Materials Science 2016)
Dr. Thomas Asche (Dr. rer. nat 2017, exchange student from University of Hannover 2016, Germany, now at )
Yaeir Halfon (undergraduate researcher in Chemical Engineering 2015-2017, co-advised with Joshua Hihath)
Dr. Haoyan Sha (PhD Chemical Engineering 2017, now at Applied Materials)
Dr. Vincent Ustach (PhD Chemical Engineering 2017, now postdoc at Johns Hopkins University)
Dr. Cliff McCold (PhD Materials Science 2017, co-advised with Joshua Hihath)

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