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Computer simulations are often used to understand how microscopic properties of materials influence macroscopic behavior. We currently study the properties of polymer brushes, glasses, and the interactions of lipid bilayers with small molecules such as fluorescent probes, transmembrane proteins, and supporting surfaces. One goal of our research is to connect simulations of different length scales and relate the results to experimental data. We study both polymeric and biological systems at atomistic and mesoscale length and time scales.

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The research in our group is supported by the US Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Lam Research Foundation and the University of California Labfee Program.
We gratefully acknowledge allocations of computer time from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Joshua Deetz graduated in September 2015 with his Thesis: “Reactive Molecular Dynamics Investigations of Alkoxysilane Sol-Gel and Surface Coating Processes” Congrats Josh!
Haoyan Sha won best poster in the 2015 CHMS graduate student symposium. Great Job!

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