Grape By-Products

Grape seeds contain about 10-22% oil that has high linoleic acid and high vitamin E which are beneficial to prevent heart and circulatory problems. The research studies the extraction and characterization of functional components of grape pomace. The chemical and nutritional characteristics of grape pomace and its potential usages as functional food ingredients were investigated through an integrative approach. The chemical compositions of raw pomaces were identified, and different methods for extracting the valuable components, lipids in particular, from the pomaces were identified. The chemical and nutritional properties of lipids recovered with different methods, including mechanical pressing and conventional chemical extraction, were also compared.

Main findings:

  • Extracting whole grape seeds at 5.3% MC at 120 rpm using a 10-mm diameter die was found to be the optimum condition for mechanical pressing, which produced a grape seed oil yield of 7.6% at an oil extraction rate of 0.57 kg h-1 and seed residence time of 8.6 s.

Related Publications:

Venkitasamy, C., H.E. Teh, G.G. Atungulu, T.H. McHugh, and Z. Pan. 2014. Optimization of mechanical extraction conditions for producing grape seed oil. Transactions of the ASABE. 57(6): 1699-1705.


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