Infrared Drying

IR drying provides significant advantages over conventional hot air (HA) drying or natural drying methods including high heating intensity and drying rates. Our research team has developed several novel drying technologies including IR drying, sequential IR and hot air (SIRHAD) drying and sequential IR and freeze drying (SIRFD), etc. The feasibility of IR drying for improving the drying efficiency, energy efficiency and product quality on different food materials, such as rice, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, bananas, apples, carrots and jujubes, etc. have been investigated systematically.

The SIRFD is another technology developed by our group to produce crispy products. The SIRFD method uses IR drying to remove a significant amount of moisture from fruits before applying freeze‐drying. It produces superior products with significantly reduced energy use compared to traditional freeze-drying (FD) and sequential hot-air freeze drying (SHAFD).

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IR Rotary drum dryer SIRHA dryer strawberry freeze drying
IR Rotary drum dryer SIRHA dryer Dried strawberries by (a) FD (b) SIRFD and (c) SHAFD


Selected Publications:

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