LinkeProf. Barbara Linke
Sustainable and energy-efficient manufacturing processes, abrasive machining.
University of California Davis
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
email: bslinke (at)

HafezProf. Mohamed Hafez
Transonic aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics.
University of California Davis
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
email: mhafez (at)

martin_0Prof. Lee Martin
Adaptive Expertise, Learning and Cognition, Learning in Informal Settings, Mathematics Education, The Maker Movement
University of California Davis
School of Education
530- 752-2854
email: leemartin (at)

Graduate Students:

IanIan Garretson
Advanced Manufacturing, Sustainable Manufacturing, Unit Manufacturing Process Characterization, Manufacturing Life Cycle Assessment.
email: icgarretson (at)


Adam Fedak
Computational Fluid Dynamics.
email: apfedak (at)

FarhadFarhad Ghadamli, MS
Sustainability of 3D printing technology, Design of Modular System, Robotics.
email: fghadamli (at)

FahadFahad Jan, MS
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Robotics, Manufacturing, Design.
email: fmjan (at)

LiamLiam Murphy, MS
Structural Mechanics, Product Development, Mechanical Design.
email: murphy (at)

GurpretGurpreet Kaur, BS
Sustainable Manufacturing, Machine Distortion, Mechanical Design, Life Cycle Assessment
email: gptkaur (at)

Walter Walter Parker
CAD Design and Manufacturing.
email: wpparker (at)

Qingqiao ‘Alec’ Liu
CAD Design and Manufacturing
email: qbliu (at)

Carlos Ortiz
CAD Design and Manufacturing
email: cortiz (at)

Undergraduate Senior Design Team 2015/16:

DaoMichelle Dao
Mechanical engineering specializing in mechatronics
email: mitdao (at)

MitchMitchell Gubbins
Manufacturing, Product Development, Reliability
email: mtgubbins (at)

IMG_2180Munkhbold Ganbold
Manufacturing, Mechanical Design, Nd Mechatronic systems
email: mganbold (at)

Undergraduate Senior Design Team 2016/17:

Kinsey Mead
Mechanical Engineering
email: kamead (at)

Nicholas Aikawa
Mechanical Engineering, HVAC Designer
email: ntaikawa (at)

Emma Inman
Mechanical Engineering
email: ecinman (at)

Marisela Miramontes
Mechanical Engineering
email: mmiramontes (at)

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