Project Updates

08/01/2018: Two journal papers on Hydraulic analogy and visualisation of two-dimensional compressible fluid flows Part 1 and 2 were published in the International Journal of Aerodynamics.

07/13/2018: Mohamed Hafez presented at the Tenth International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ICCFD10), Barcelona, Spain.

06/21/2018: Destiny Garcia presented a poster at the RAMP workshop at the ASME 2018 MSEC International Manufacturing Science & Engineering Conference in College Station, TX.

04/28/2018: Michael Puso and Blake Christierson presented at the 29th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at UC Davis.

12/01/2017: The small-size (“desktop”) water table was demonstrated at the 2nd Annual UC Davis Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference.

11/14/2017: 48 Students of Laguna Creek High School visited the College of Engineering and received a presentation of the water table experiments.

6/27/2017: Barbara Linke presented a poster on Design and Manufacturing of Nozzles and Airfoil Shapes for Compressible Flow Visualizations in a New Engineering Course at the 124th American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference in Columbus, OH.

6/14/2017: The 9 students teams have presented their projects and the course has successfully ended.

6/8/2017: The Student Design Team demonstrated the inclined water table at the UC Davis College of Engineering Design Showcase

6/5/2017: Barbara Linke presented at the North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC 45) on Manufacturing and Analysis of Airfoil and Nozzle Shapes in an Undergraduate Course.

4/4/2017: The course EME198 “Design and Manufacturing of Nozzle and Airfoil Models for Flow Visualization” has started with 36 students enrolled.

1/23/2017: A new Capstone Project has started on developing a second inclined water table with fixed models

10/01/2016: The water table has been moved to an instructional space in 1071A Bainer.


08/26/2016: NSF-Funding for I-Corps L Compressible Flow Water Table gave us the chance to explore the hypothesis that the water table is a useful invention to reinforce high school and community college education. The hypothesis was tested by conducting 100 interviews with relevant and potential customers.

thumb_IMG_3116_1024  thumb_IMG_3794_1024  i-corps-l-closing

06/03/2016: Picture of the moving model (oblique shock in front of the airfoil, expansion fan at the trailing edge)

Biconvex model

Biconvex model with new quick-release clamping system

06/02/2016: The Student Design Team published the water height measurement project at the UC Davis College of Engineering Design Showcase



05/13/2016: We have submitted an application for I-corps L. The team applies to receive an additional $50,000 in order to commercialize / distribute the water table to interested institutions. The I-corps team will consist of PIs (Professor Hafez and Linke), Mentor (Maen Mahfoud), and Entreprenurial Lead (Fahad Jan).

05/03/2016: Water Table from below:

03/27/2016: Project highlights:

03/11/2016: The water table is scheduled for testing next Monday. The controller and motor are working. Water will be added to the tank and a demonstration will be conducted on Monday.


The water table is currently located in the wind tunnel lab.

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