Dr. Bruce White

Dr. White received both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.  He then proceeded to get his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 1975.  While teaching courses at UC Davis, Dr. White founded the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel in 1979.  Since then, he has conducted essential research in turbulent boundary layer flows, aerodynamics, environmental aerodynamics, experimental fluid mechanics, wind engineering, and particle flows.


   Doctoral Researchers

Ryan Parker

Graduate Researchers

Rachael Larsen

 Undergraduate Researchers

           Niklas Braun                     David Moyers                     Gordon Dickson

       Lauren Campbell                Russel Manalo                       Steven Wong

      Mengyangzi Dai

Alumni Researchers

       Yuka Matsuyama              Kurt Hutchinson              Natalia Nguyen               Jim Phoreman

          Jason Roney                      James Cheng                      Greg Cho                       Chris Cupples

              Sara D’souza                    Jonathan Byron                  Dave Lubitz                   Mohamed Benzit

        Davis Musser                   Rachel Coquilla                   Beth Kuspa                       Tim Duong

Regina Sweet                        Ari Rabin                       Kaleb Klauber

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