Environmental Impacts of Manufacturing Operations

Environmental Impacts of Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing has a large impact on worldwide energy use and resource consumption. The society and consumers become increasingly aware that environmental and social impacts of manufacturing need to be better controlled and reduced.

Sustainability strategies and indicators on the manufacturing process level are needed [1,2]. Abrasive machining processes are impacting the product performance heavily because they are usually performed at the end of process chains. Therefore, the sustainability of abrasive processes has to be discussed thoroughly [3,4]. Unit process life cycle inventories (UPLCI) provide a powerful means to describe environmental impacts [5]. We have also submitted UMP (Unit manufacturing process) representations according to ASTM E3012 − 16 to the RAMP competitions by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): 2018 A Production Line for Polylactide Business Card Holders by Ian Garretson, 2018 Technical and Environmental Aspects of Quality Assurance by Destiny Garcia, and 2017 Manual Grinding Operation by Jayanti Das.

Further studies at the MASTeR lab include sustainability of manual processes with power tools [6], high-frequency power measurement [7], sustainable process planning [8], environmental impacts and perceived quality of polymer 3D printing [9], sustainability of quality assurance [10], and sustainability in Ultra precision and Micro machining [11].

The environmental impact of Product-service Systems (PSS) such as wind turbines and machine tools can be assessed through the cumulative energy demand over their life time including manufacturing and use phase [12,13]. This research is performed with Prof. Jan Aurich, FBK, University of Kaiserslautern.


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